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This is the Only SNL Skit Featuring Jason Momoa You Need to Watch

Originally published December 9, 2018 In case you missed it, AQUAMAN star Jason Momoa was this week’s guest host on SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE. While most of the skits he appeared in from last night’s episode were – for lack of a better word – “meh,” there is a very particular one that is an absolute …

Auli’i Cravalho Sings Out Encouragement in “Live Your Story”

Originally published August 4, 2018 Look, I get it. As much as we love singing along to “How Far I’ll Go” from Disney’s MOANA, it’s been nearly two years since the film came out, and you might be craving something new from the heroine’s voice actor, Auli’i Cravalho. While yes, there are also the songs …

The Maori-Dubbed MOANA is Debuting During New Zealand’s Maori Language Week

Originally published on September 8, 2017 Matewa Media, in association with Disney, is proud to present the Maori-dubbed MOANA. The film’s release is to coincide with New Zealand’s Maori Language Week, which kicks off on Monday, and will run until September 17th. This dub of MOANA is highly anticipated, for according to the New Zealand …

Hapa Mag Launches Inaugural Issue

Originally published on September 7, 2017 Yesterday saw the release of a new magazine called Hapa Mag. Founded by Alex Chester, the voice behind the Me So Hapa blog, the mission of this quarterly publication is to celebrate and capture the many existing identities, perspectives, stories, and experiences within the Hapa community. Yesterday saw …

Two Different Films, One Commonality: POI E and WINDOW HORSES

POI E and WINDOW HORSES are very different works that are connected by the shared experience of re-connecting with one’s roots through the arts; whether that be through music like in the former or poetry with the latter. It’s for this reason, along with all that make these two films the individual works they are, that I will be recommending them both to anyone and everyone whenever I can.

Why WHALE RIDER is Just as Relevant as Ever

The story of WHALE RIDER does a beautiful job of highlighting how we can exceed any doubts and restrictions placed upon us. Despite the story deriving from the Maori legend of Paikea the whale rider, and features a young brown girl from a remote community in the North Island of New Zealand, both the novel and the film have appealed to readers and viewers alike all over the world.