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The Hawaiian-Dubbed MOANA Premiered for World Oceans Day

Originally published June 15, 2018

The world premiere of the Hawaiian-dubbed MOANA finally happened this past Sunday at Ko Olina Resort, in time for World Oceans Day. The first Disney film to be translated into Hawaiian marked the occasion with a blue carpet rather than red, as the stars made their way down it to celebrate both several months of hard work and the beauty of seeing the film spoken and sung in the Hawaiian language.

The project is a collaboration between Disney and the University of Hawaii. It features Auli’i Cravalho and Nicole Scherzinger reprising their roles from the original version. Along with them is a cast of local talent, such as Christopher Kaipulaumakaniolono Baker as Maui, Kelikokauaikekai Hoe as Chief Tui, Kalehuapuakeʻula Kawaʻa as Gramma Tala, and Kamakakehau Fernandez as Tamatoa.

The Hawaiian-dubbed MOANA will later be made available for DVD and Blu-ray to educational programs.

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