CONFIRMED: Moana Will Be Without a Love Interest in Upcoming Titular Film

There were many panels held throughout the past week at San Diego Comic-Con, and Disney’s upcoming animated film, MOANA, was the subject of one of them. Apart from treating the attendees to a three-minute clip from the film, there was something else revealed to them as well; something regarding the plot.

Why Moana May Be Disney’s Most Progressive Princess Yet

Moana will be Disney’s first Pacific Islander princess who, together with Maui, sets out on a journey across the ocean, in search of an island that may or may not be real. However, it is recently where I realized something that just may make this upcoming film even more extraordinary: Based on what’s been revealed so far, it doesn’t look like Moana will have a love interest in the film.

Introduction to Drifting Back Around

While [YOMYOMF] itself and all its content has been archived, for legal reasons, it is unable to be available to the public. However, all the writers who ever contributed work to it still maintain the rights to their work. That is where Drifting Back Around comes in.