CONFIRMED: Moana Will Be Without a Love Interest in Upcoming Titular Film

Originally published on July 26, 2016

There were many panels held throughout the past week at San Diego Comic-Con, and Disney’s upcoming animated film, MOANA, was the subject of one of them. Apart from treating the attendees to a three-minute clip from the film, there was something else revealed to them as well; something regarding the plot. According to Entertainment Weekly, directors John Musker and Ron Clements made a point of addressing how Moana will not have a love interest in the story; instead wanting to focus on her journey of finding herself, in the midst of saving the world.

When I first learned of this piece of information, three reactions immediately went through my mind: “Hallelujah!,” “I KNEW it!,” and “It’s about damn time!”

You might remember how last month I did a post predicting how Moana may be without a love interest, going based off of the limited information we had then. Now that we know more about it, including this detail I’ve been speculating for a while, I couldn’t be happier. This progressive move is going to make a huge difference for young girls who watch it this fall, where they’ll see that it’s not always about finding love.

While Moana isn’t the first Disney princess to be without a love interest (as Seventeen Magazine noted), remember that she IS the first princess of color AND the first non-Pixar princess to fill that role.

Actually, because of the direction the film is going in, voice actress Auli’i Cravalho has even mentioned how she hopes audiences will look at Moana and see her more as a Disney heroine than a Disney princess. Well, as someone who was a small youngster when the ambitiously awesome MULAN came out, I can see that being a possibility.

In which case, I hope that the story of this headstrong princess heroine marks the beginning of a new chapter for Disney. While they’ve already been creating much more well-rounded characters over the last 20 years, perhaps MOANA will be the ignition to start kicking progress up a notch; enough to where a movie where the female lead doesn’t have a love interest will eventually become less headlines-worthy, and more so the norm.

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