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Introduction to Drifting Back Around

Hello and welcome to Drifting Back Around! Starting a secondary website was truly one of the last things I had expected to start this year, and yet here we are. This is going to be a bit of a unique space I’ve created, and so I wanted to use this time to explain what this is all about and what to expect from here going forward.

But first, I might as well tell a little bit about myself. I’m an author, blogger, playwright, and screenwriter from the San Francisco Bay Area. I’m a mixed race Filipino American who’s all about improving the presence of Asian American stories across all mediums. I’ve written – and currently write for – other outlets and spaces across the Internet, and for a time, I was one of many “Offenders” for an API (Asian-Pacific Islander)-focused pop culture blog called YOMYOMF.

YOMYOMF, short for You Offend Me You Offend My Family, was founded in 2009 by film director Justin Lin (“Better Luck Tomorrow,” “Tokyo Drift,” Star Trek Beyond”). Overtime, the blog and the brand have expanded; to the point where they even launched their own film initiative and YouTube channel.

Unfortunately, at the end of 2018, the blog was promptly shut down due to the difficulty in maintaining it, while working on the multiple projects they’ve got going on both in traditional and new media. I personally was sad to see it go. The two and a half years I spent being an active member of YOMYOMF allowed for me to connect with other people and it provided a lot of opportunities for me; particularly when it came to the multiple interviews I had done for it.

While the site itself and all its content has been archived, for legal reasons, it is unable to be available to the public. However, all the writers who ever contributed work to it still maintain the rights to their work. That is where Drifting Back Around comes in (and in case you’re wondering, yes, the name is a head nod to “Tokyo Drift”).

For the remainder of this year (and possibly into next year, depending on the pacing), I will be making a majority of my posts from YOMYOMF available on here. The reason why I say a majority rather than all of them is that there are some that aren’t as timely nor substantiating as others. So in other words, any posts that were written just to share something, any press releases or press release-like posts, will not be made available on here. Also, the Blockbuster Showdowns will also not be made available on here, for those were group reviews conducted with the other Offenders.

Apart from the first post that will be released (which is the very last post I ever wrote for YOMYOMF), they will be released in chronological order. However, if there is a particular post I wrote that you’d rather see sooner than later, please notify me here. Also, past interviewees will have priority, especially when it comes to the features written about them.

One last thing is that there’s no set schedule. I will try to schedule as many as I can at a time.

I look forward to making these posts available to the world once more.

-L. Lola

NOTE: While the YOMYOMF blog is no longer, they’re still on social media. Please be sure to follow them on on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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