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Experiences and Lessons from San Diego Comic-Con

After years of hearing about incredible panels, celebrity appearances, and out-of-this-world cosplay, this was my first year in attendance of San Diego Comic-Con International. I came equipped with my own cosplay, my badge, the official app on my phone, and knowledge of everything I was able to learn in advance about this ultimate gathering of the nerds. But as the convention kicked off, everything else came with little to no expectation, and that balanced along the line between really awesome and downright bad.

4 Strangely Satisfying Moments From SPIRITED AWAY

SPIRITED AWAY has been loved and cherished by many, as it has been praised for its beautiful animation, well developed characters, and incredible storytelling. But there’s more to the film than all that is magnificent and immediate to the eyes. People who’ve seen it several times also appreciate the smaller moments that make up the whole as well; some more satisfying in their own unique ways than others.

Why a Potential Pokemon Go Movie is Possibly Worrisome

It’s bad enough it’s happened to DRAGONBALL Z, and it’s bad enough Scarlett Johansson is continuing this racist trope by sticking to her role in the upcoming GHOST IN THE SHELL. To have this happen in a live action Pokemon movie would be a true downer, for if this past week proved anything, is that this world of little monsters with special powers is still heavily embraced by many.

Why A MOMENT’S WORTH Is Better Off Without a Film Adaptation

“A Moment’s Worth” will always have an ongoing journey; in being discovered by others and analyzed and dissected for its multiple meanings. To me, that brings me more joy than any offer for the possibility of being adapted for film. It’s been almost two years since its publication, and while I continue to write other novels, I’ll always look at this one with a special fondness, with or without a film adaptation.

Why Moana May Be Disney’s Most Progressive Princess Yet

Moana will be Disney’s first Pacific Islander princess who, together with Maui, sets out on a journey across the ocean, in search of an island that may or may not be real. However, it is recently where I realized something that just may make this upcoming film even more extraordinary: Based on what’s been revealed so far, it doesn’t look like Moana will have a love interest in the film.

Watching THE KARATE KID PART II in 2016

It has been a while since I had seen any of THE KARATE KID films. Being born in the 90’s, I first watched the original film in 2004 and was immediately intrigued by it. I watched its sequels a few months later and out of the two, I like many others found the first sequel to be quite a follow-up.

Introduction to Drifting Back Around

While [YOMYOMF] itself and all its content has been archived, for legal reasons, it is unable to be available to the public. However, all the writers who ever contributed work to it still maintain the rights to their work. That is where Drifting Back Around comes in.