(Accidentally) Emerging and Breaking From Old Attitudes

I get why my family members would hold such anger. To have your country invaded like that is a scar marked in your memory. At the same time, it’s not right that they held such prejudices as that. You can’t blame a whole race and/or ethnicity for what certain individuals did. I wouldn’t be able to live with myself with such a narrow outlook on the world.

Hey Disneyland, Where is the API Character Merch?

MULAN, LILO AND STITCH, and BIG HERO 6 are the only Disney films to feature API characters, and so it’s very important to celebrate them by any means necessary. That’s why I want to see more merch with Mulan not just as a member of the Disney Princess club, but also as the great warrior she is seen as in the movie. I want to see something of Lilo that celebrates her unashamed individuality and lovable quirks. I hope to eventually see more products of Hiro that highlights him as the brilliant young robotics genius he is.

Why Sports Commentators Need to Start Improving Their Olympic Coverage

Call me optimistic, for I hope I’m being realistic when I say that these commentators should start to seriously reconsider how they do their coverage of the Olympics sooner than later, especially when it comes to their discussion of Asian athletes. It may be barely a week into the Rio Olympics, but I’m already looking ahead at the next Olympic games. Why you ask? Because the next three Olympic games (both summer and winter) are all going to be held in Asia!

Experiences and Lessons from San Diego Comic-Con

After years of hearing about incredible panels, celebrity appearances, and out-of-this-world cosplay, this was my first year in attendance of San Diego Comic-Con International. I came equipped with my own cosplay, my badge, the official app on my phone, and knowledge of everything I was able to learn in advance about this ultimate gathering of the nerds. But as the convention kicked off, everything else came with little to no expectation, and that balanced along the line between really awesome and downright bad.

4 Strangely Satisfying Moments From SPIRITED AWAY

SPIRITED AWAY has been loved and cherished by many, as it has been praised for its beautiful animation, well developed characters, and incredible storytelling. But there’s more to the film than all that is magnificent and immediate to the eyes. People who’ve seen it several times also appreciate the smaller moments that make up the whole as well; some more satisfying in their own unique ways than others.

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