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Ruby Ibarra is “Taking Names” in New Music Video

Originally published November 29, 2018

Over eight months following the release of her highly praised music video for her song “Us,” rapper Ruby Ibarra releases her long awaited follow-up for her song, “Taking Names.” Featuring fellow rappers Bambu and Nump, the music video marks the second directorial work for Ibarra and is released one day before her sold out concert at San Francisco’s Brick & Mortar.

“Taking Names” is the sixth track off of her 2017 album, CIRCA91. It is a call out to the long, painful history of colonization of the Philippines, and how it has continued to seep into the psyche of Filipinos and Filipino Americans; from colorism, to the effects of capitalism and oppression, and even how names are pronounced.

The music video, which was shot in the East Bay of the San Francisco Bay Area, presents a duality similar to that of what was shown in the “Us” music video. With the backdrop of the East Bay prominent throughout, escrima duels occur, photographs from the Philippines’ past are on display, and Ibarra pays homage to the late Filipino American activist, Dawn Mabalon.

Ibarra continues to impress with her raps and her music videos, and “Taking Names” is an example of both. She constantly continues to show how she is truly a talent with a message.

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