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That’s a Wrap on Drifting Back Around!

Hi all, After eight months of posting a majority of my posts I had originally written for Drifting Back Around, this project has at last come to an end. Flipping though all the content I've made available on here, I'm amazed by how much I have written during my two and half years of YOMYOMF. …

Catching My Breath

Hi all, After posting more than the usual amount of content for the month of February and the fact that I recently made my screenwriting debut, I'm going to take a quick break this week to catch my breath, before I continue re-posting the remainder of my content from YOMYOMF. -Lauren

From My Coverage of CAAMFest 36

Hi everyone! If you've been following along with the re-releases of my content from YOMYOMF the past six months, then you may have noticed a few interviews I had done with various filmmakers from my coverage of CAAMFest 36. For this week, the remainder of the interviews I did will be re-released. -Lauren