Drifting Back Around Presents: A Retrospect of Kanga Roddy

Hi everyone!

It’s been five months since I began re-releasing content I had originally written for YOMYOMF, and I hope you’ve been enjoying it so far. Today, I’d like to announce that the coming week’s schedule is going to be a little different, for I’m at long last going to be re-releasing the articles I did for the one and only series I did for YOMYOMF: A Retrospect of Kanga Roddy.

For those who don’t know, this series of seven articles was originally released in 2018, to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the short lived children’s series on PBS, “Adventures with Kanga Roddy.” The show followed a group of kids in the San Francisco Bay Area who learn to overcome moral and ethical dilemmas in their everyday lives, by way of music, dance, and non-violent martial arts from an anthropomorphic karate-practicing kangaroo.

The show was a central presence in my childhood and was ahead of the curve on many levels, by way of what the show was about and who was involved in making it happen. To have spent the first two months of 2018 going around the Bay Area and interviewing people who worked on it was a truly moving experience for me personally. To make these interviews available to the world once more is something I’ve been long anticipating since the start of Drifting Back Around.

Below is the order the articles will appear in and they will be hyperlinked as each one comes out. Unlike on YOMYOMF where they were released over the course of three weeks, this time, I will be re-releasing them over the course of seven consecutive days, starting on Monday February 3rd:


Meet the Co-Creator

Meet the Director

Meet the Cast (Part 1)

Meet the Cast (Part 2)

Meet the Puppeteers/Cast (Part 3)

Memories of Uncle Pat

I hope you’ll enjoy seeing these particular articles again, and if you haven’t read them before, I encourage you to take the time to do so this time around.


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