Auli’i Cravalho Sings Out Encouragement in “Live Your Story”

Originally published August 4, 2018 Look, I get it. As much as we love singing along to “How Far I’ll Go” from Disney’s MOANA, it’s been nearly two years since the film came out, and you might be craving something new from the heroine’s voice actor, Auli’i Cravalho. While yes, there are also the songs …

The Hawaiian-Dubbed MOANA Premiered for World Oceans Day

Originally published June 15, 2018 The world premiere of the Hawaiian-dubbed MOANA finally happened this past Sunday at Ko Olina Resort, in time for World Oceans Day. The first Disney film to be translated into Hawaiian marked the occasion with a blue carpet rather than red, as the stars made their way down it to …

The Maori-Dubbed MOANA is Debuting During New Zealand’s Maori Language Week

Originally published on September 8, 2017 Matewa Media, in association with Disney, is proud to present the Maori-dubbed MOANA. The film’s release is to coincide with New Zealand’s Maori Language Week, which kicks off on Monday, and will run until September 17th. This dub of MOANA is highly anticipated, for according to the New Zealand …

Hey Disneyland, Where is the API Character Merch?

MULAN, LILO AND STITCH, and BIG HERO 6 are the only Disney films to feature API characters, and so it’s very important to celebrate them by any means necessary. That’s why I want to see more merch with Mulan not just as a member of the Disney Princess club, but also as the great warrior she is seen as in the movie. I want to see something of Lilo that celebrates her unashamed individuality and lovable quirks. I hope to eventually see more products of Hiro that highlights him as the brilliant young robotics genius he is.

Experiences and Lessons from San Diego Comic-Con

After years of hearing about incredible panels, celebrity appearances, and out-of-this-world cosplay, this was my first year in attendance of San Diego Comic-Con International. I came equipped with my own cosplay, my badge, the official app on my phone, and knowledge of everything I was able to learn in advance about this ultimate gathering of the nerds. But as the convention kicked off, everything else came with little to no expectation, and that balanced along the line between really awesome and downright bad.

Why Moana May Be Disney’s Most Progressive Princess Yet

Moana will be Disney’s first Pacific Islander princess who, together with Maui, sets out on a journey across the ocean, in search of an island that may or may not be real. However, it is recently where I realized something that just may make this upcoming film even more extraordinary: Based on what’s been revealed so far, it doesn’t look like Moana will have a love interest in the film.

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