#TBT: Revisiting Prudence From ACROSS THE UNIVERSE

Originally published on September 14, 2017 Entertainment Weekly unexpectedly made me realize how much time has passed, when it released a listicle today of the songs from the Beatles jukebox musical ACROSS THE UNIVERSE, in honor of its tenth anniversary. In the midst of praises for Evan Rachel Wood’s vocal performances throughout the film, one …

Of Wolf Gods and Curses: PRINCESS MONONOKE Turns 20

Originally published on July 12, 2017 PRINCESS MONONOKE: A film so highly admired and so beautifully animated, and with a story so boldly told, that it’s hard to believe it’s been 20 years since this Hayao Miyazaki masterpiece was originally released. Two full decades and yet despite many animated films being done entirely on the …

Why WHALE RIDER is Just as Relevant as Ever

The story of WHALE RIDER does a beautiful job of highlighting how we can exceed any doubts and restrictions placed upon us. Despite the story deriving from the Maori legend of Paikea the whale rider, and features a young brown girl from a remote community in the North Island of New Zealand, both the novel and the film have appealed to readers and viewers alike all over the world.

4 Strangely Satisfying Moments From SPIRITED AWAY

SPIRITED AWAY has been loved and cherished by many, as it has been praised for its beautiful animation, well developed characters, and incredible storytelling. But there’s more to the film than all that is magnificent and immediate to the eyes. People who’ve seen it several times also appreciate the smaller moments that make up the whole as well; some more satisfying in their own unique ways than others.

Watching THE KARATE KID PART II in 2016

It has been a while since I had seen any of THE KARATE KID films. Being born in the 90’s, I first watched the original film in 2004 and was immediately intrigued by it. I watched its sequels a few months later and out of the two, I like many others found the first sequel to be quite a follow-up.