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Judith Hill Shares Her Mom’s Immigration Story

Originally released September 3, 2018

As many people in the Asian American community can likely agree, learning about those who came before can do a lot in not only understanding one’s family history, but also coming to terms with oneself.

Singer-songwriter Judith Hill provided insight into her family history through a short video she released today on her YouTube channel called A MOTHER’S GIFT. In this video, her mom, Michiko, goes in depth on her journey to America and how she got her start as a musician here. Coming from a family that was very much into the sciences and during a time where such a dream wouldn’t have been approved, it was Michiko’s mother, Judith’s grandmother whom she never got to meet, who encouraged her to go to America and pursue her passion.

It is the ultimate mother’s gift to encourage her child to follow their dreams; a gift that Michiko has clearly passed along to Judith as well.


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