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Worlds Collide with John Cho on THE STAR WARS SHOW

Originally published August 29, 2018

Fumes of geekery were heavily present when John Cho sat down with co-host Andi Gutierrez as this week’s guest of THE STAR WARS SHOW. The actor, who’s known for starring in that other beloved, decades-long franchise with the word “star” in the name, was on the show to promote his new film, SEARCHING (which is out nationwide this Friday), as well as his experiences with both being a fan of STAR WARS, and what it is like to be part of a franchise that is loved by multiple generations.

In addition to failing at making “star peace,” expect for Cho to go in depth on what it’s like to be a fan of something his kids are a fan of, who the most famous Asian in film is, and an exclusive announcement about an upcoming project.

Cho’s interview starts at 3:55.

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