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Judith Hill is Back and Invites You to “The Pepper Club”

Originally published on May 18, 2018

It’s been a minute since new music has been heard from Judith Hill; the last time being back in 2015, when she dropped her debut album, BACK IN TIME. But now, it looks like new tunes from this soulful singer are on the horizon.

Hill released a funky new music video today through her YouTube channel for her new single, “The Pepper Club.” Lots of dancing and guitar-jamming go on, bringing a sound that would most certainly have Hill’s late mentor, Prince, beaming with glee.

According to Billboard, “The Pepper Club” will be found in not one but two projects that Hill has been working on; one of them being her upcoming sophomore album, GOLDEN CHILD, the other being her first live musical production of the same name. Both projects are slated for release later this year, with many of the characters featured in the music video expected to appear in the latter project.

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