Rose Tico Has Her Own Theme in THE LAST JEDI Score

Originally published December 20, 2017

As Offender Anderson had said earlier, it looks like it’s a Rose Tico/Kelly Marie Tran Day here on YOMYOMF. Now, I figured I might as well keep it going.

I saw THE LAST JEDI again last night, and for a film that is packed with so much happening at once, I really benefited from seeing it a second time around, as I was able to make observations that I did not originally notice on opening night. One of those observations I noted this time around is within the John Williams-composed score: Rose has her own theme!

It’s small, simple, and subtle, but when you pay attention to the score in every scene that she is in, you will hear it. It has a hopeful, noble feel to it, which is very fitting to the kind of character she is. If you listen to the following song from the score, “Fun With Finn and Rose,” her theme can be heard during the first 40 seconds of it.

Not every character in the STAR WARS universe has their own theme, but the ones who do are often the most resonating. From Rey to Kylo Ren, to Luke, Leia, and of course Darth Vader; these themes bear a significant weight to them regarding who these songs represent. The fact that Rose now has one makes her role in the film much grander.

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