My Novel is My Protest

Originally published on January 15, 2017

Today marks two months since the release of my second novel, AN ABSOLUTE MIND. Normally when releasing a book, whether if it’s your second one or your fiftieth, it’s an accomplishment worth celebrating, as it’s a feat that not everyone can say they’ve done. Unfortunately, there’s been mainly a bittersweet aftertaste since its release to the world, for I released AN ABSOLUTE MIND exactly one week after Donald Trump was elected President of the United States.

As is the case with a novel that’s set in the future, there were instances where what I was including in the world I was creating would be reminiscent of what went on in real time; examples include how same-sex marriage is legal throughout the entire United States and how our capability to remember things properly in the age of the Internet is declining in quality. However, not long after the election, it was quick to notice how the fact that the ancestors of my protagonist were held in internment camps very much aligns with the talks of starting up a registry for Muslims.

Now let me just say that I already knew that releasing my novel the week after the election would make for interesting timing, regardless of who wound up winning. It’s just that ideally, it would have been perfect to release it, following the election of the first woman president, when the President of the United States in my novel is a woman. Now, even that particular aspect, among others, have become aspirations that have yet to be reached and need to be read during these uncertain times.

Now that we are mere days away from the inauguration, this new reality is starting to hit hard. Naturally, and rightfully, many of us are ready to fight back against what Trump’s posse (they’re too narrow-minded for me to call an administration) has up their sleeves on how to make things difficult for us all. I’ll be doing my part by any means necessary; in particular, through sharing this story that I created prior to the election.

I’ve always known that I was touching on important subject matter in this novel; in how mentalities can change with time, the value of freedom, and how memories can define more than just what was in one’s past. With its thematic relevancy in today’s time, one of my goals for the year is to get the word out about it as much as possible. As the author, I believe that like-minded readers – and then some – can take something truly valuable away with them as we head towards the work ahead of us.

That is why I want to make it very clear with this declaration of mine: Despite my original intention of writing AN ABSOLUTE MIND as an interesting story where the past is reflected in a variety of ways, the book is now also my protest against the pride and egos of the demagogues.

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